Set - 6

Question 11 :

What is pure virtual function?

Answer :

A class is made abstract by declaring one or more of its virtual functions to be pure. A pure virtual function is one with an initializer of = 0 in its declaration

Question 12 :

Write a Struct Time where integer m, h, s are its members 

Answer :

struct Time{
	int m;
	int h;
	int s;


Question 13 :

How do you traverse a Btree in Backward in-order?

Answer :

Process the node in the right subtree
Process the root
Process the node in the left subtree

Question 14 :

What is the two main roles of Operating System?

Answer :

As a resource manager
As a virtual machine

Question 15 :

In the derived class, which data member of the base class are visible? 

Answer :

In the public and protected sections.