General Questions (Set - 2)

Question 11 :

Which of the following is the correct way of declaring a function as constant?

A). const int ShowData(void) { /* statements */ }
B). int const ShowData(void) { /* statements */ }
C). int ShowData(void) const { /* statements */ }
D). Both A and B
Answer : Option C

Question 12 :

Which of the following concepts is used to implement late binding?

A). Virtual function
B). Operator function
C). Const function
D). Static function
Answer : Option A

Question 13 :

Which of the following statement is correct?

A). C++ allows static type checking.
B). C++ allows dynamic type checking.
C). C++ allows static member function be of type const.
D). Both A and B.
Answer : Option D

Question 14 :

Which of the following factors supports the statement that reusability is a desirable feature of a language?

A). It decreases the testing time.
B). It lowers the maintenance cost.
C). It reduces the compilation time.
D). Both A and B.
Answer : Option D

Question 15 :

Which of the following ways are legal to access a class data member using this pointer?

A). this->x
B). this.x
C). *this.x
D). *this-x
Answer : Option A