General Questions (Set - 1)

Question 6 :

Which of the following term is used for a function defined inside a class?

A). Member Variable
B). Member function
C). Class function
D). Classic function
Answer : Option B

Question 7 :

Which of the following concept of oops allows compiler to insert arguments in a function call if it is not specified?

A). Call by value
B). Call by reference
C). Default arguments
D). Call by pointer
Answer : Option C

Question 8 :

How many instances of an abstract class can be created?

A). 1
B). 5
C). 13
D). 0
Answer : Option D

Question 9 :

Which of the following cannot be friend?

A). Function
B). Class
C). Object
D). Operator function
Answer : Option C

Question 10 :

Which of the following concepts of OOPS means exposing only necessary information to client?

A). Encapsulation
B). Abstraction
C). Data hiding
D). Data binding
Answer : Option C