Point Out Errors

Question 11 :

Point out the error in the program?

#include < stdio.h >

int main()
    struct emp
        char name[25];
        int age;
        float bs;
    struct emp e;
    e.name = "Suresh";
    e.age = 25;
    printf("%s %d\n", e.name, e.age);
    return 0;

A). Error: Lvalue required/incompatible types in assignment
B). Error: invalid constant expression
C). Error: Rvalue required
D). No error, Output: Suresh 25
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

We cannot assign a string to a struct variable like e.name = "Suresh"; in C.
We have to use strcpy(char *dest, const char *source) function to assign a string.
Ex: strcpy(e.name, "Suresh");