Set - 1

Question 16 :

How can you tell the application to look for assemblies at the locations other than its own install?

Answer :

Use the directive in the XML .config file for a given application.
< probing privatePath=c:\mylibs; bin\debug />
should do the trick. Or you can add additional search paths in the Properties box of the deployed application.

Question 17 :

How can you debug failed assembly binds? 

Answer :

Use the Assembly Binding Log Viewer (fuslogvw.exe) to find out the paths searched.

Question 18 :

Where are shared assemblies stored?

Answer :

Global assembly cache.

Question 19 :

How can you create a strong name for a .NET assembly? 

Answer :

With the help of Strong Name tool (sn.exe).

Question 20 :

Where's global assembly cache located on the system? 

Answer :

Usually C:\winnt\assembly or C:\windows\assembly.