Set - 4

Question 16 :

How far can CSS be taken beyond the web page--that is, have generalized or non-web specific features for such things as page formatting or type setting?

Answer :

Yes, it's possible to take CSS further in several directions. W3C just published a new Working Draft which describes features for printing, e.g., footnotes, cross-references, and even generated indexes. 
Another great opportunity for CSS is Web Applications. Just like documents, applications need to be styled and CSS is an intrinsic component of AJAX. The "AJAX" name sounds great.

Question 17 :

How To Style Table Cells?

Answer :

Margin, Border and Padding are difficult to apply to inline elements. Officially, the <TD> tag is a block level element because it can contain other block level elements (see Basics - Elements). 
If you need to set special margins, borders, or padding inside a table cell, then use this markup:

yourtext </div></td> 
to apply the CSS rules to the div inside the cell. </p>

Question 18 :

How To Style Forms? 

Answer :

Forms and form elements like SELECT, INPUT etc. can be styled with CSS - partially. 
Checkboxes and Radiobuttons do not yet accept styles, and Netscape 4.xx has certain issues, but here is a tutorial that explains the application of CSS Styles on Form Elements.

Question 19 :

How do I get my footer to sit at the bottom...? 

Answer :

Need a div which makes space at the bottom of the main page (inside the #wrap div). Then, the footer (being inside #wrap) can be placed in that space by using absolute positioning. Like this :

CSS body, html {
body {
#wrap {
    margin:auto; min-height:100%;
* html #wrap {
#clearfooter {
#footer {
<div id="wrap">
...content goes here...
<div id="clearfooter"></div>
<div id="footer">Footer</div>

Question 20 :

Can I attach more than one declaration to a selector?

Answer :

Yes. If more than one declaration is attached to a selector they must appear in a semi colon separated list, e.g.;

Selector {declaration1; declaration2}
P {background: white; color: black}