General Questions

Question 1 :

A BI reporting system does not ________ .

A). create meaningful information
B). deliver information to users on a timely basis
C). use statistical procedures to predict future events
D). use disparate data sources
Answer : Option C

Question 2 :

Which of the following are not done by Business Intelligence (BI) systems?

A). Analyze past and current activities only
B). Process and record transactions only
C). Both of the above are correct.
D). Neither of the above is correct.
Answer : Option B

Question 3 :

Business Intelligence (BI) systems do not obtain their data by which of the following means?

A). Read and process data from an operational database
B). Process transactions
C). Process extracts from operational databases
D). Process data purchased from data vendors
Answer : Option B

Question 4 :

The "curse of dimensionality" relates to which problem of using operational data for BI reporting?

A). Dirty data
B). Inconsistent data
C). Too much data
D). Non-integrated data
Answer : Option C

Question 5 :

A report generated by a reporting system is delivered to the appropriate users via a user-accessed Web site. This system uses which of the following report modes?

A). Push
B). Pull
Answer : Option B