General Questions

Question 11 :

Business Intelligence (BI) reporting analyses can be performed using ________ .

A). standard SQL only
B). extensions to SQL only
C). OLAP only
D). both standard SQL and extensions to SQL
Answer : Option A

Question 12 :

We have been given access to the company's operational data, and have been asked to produce a report. We discover that some of the data we need are in an SQL server database while other needed data are in a separate Oracle database. This is an example of ________ .

A). dirty data
B). inconsistent data
C). non-integrated data
D). a "wrong format" problem
Answer : Option C

Question 13 :

The reports generated by a reporting system are usually not delivered in which of the following media?

A). Web portal
B). Commercial courier service
C). Digital dashboard
D). E-Mail
Answer : Option B

Question 14 :

Data mining applications are used accomplish which of the following tasks?

A). Process transactions only
B). Do RFM analysis only
C). Do what-if analysis only
D). Do both RFM and what-if analysis
Answer : Option C

Question 15 :

Which of the following is an unsupervised data mining technique?

A). Cluster analysis only
B). Regression Analysis only
C). RFM Analysis only
D). Both Regression Analysis and RFM Analysis
Answer : Option A