General Questions

Question 31 :

The SQL keyword BETWEEN is used:

A). for ranges.
B). to limit the columns displayed.
C). as a wildcard.
D). None of the above is correct.
Answer : Option A

Question 32 :

A subquery in an SQL SELECT statement:

A). can only be used with two tables.
B). can always be duplicated by a join.
C). has a distinct form that cannot be duplicated by a join.
D). cannot have its results sorted using ORDER BY.
Answer : Option C

Question 33 :

________ was adopted as a national standard by ANSI in 1992.

A). Oracle
C). Microsoft Access
D). DBase
Answer : Option B

Question 34 :

SQL is:

A). a programming language.
B). an operating system.
C). a data sublanguage.
D). a DBMS.
Answer : Option C