General Questions

Question 16 :

Which of the following locks the item from access of any type?

A). Implicit lock
B). Explicit lock
C). Exclusive lock
D). Shared lock
Answer : Option C

Question 17 :

The size of a lock is called:

A). implicit lock.
B). lock granularity.
C). exclusive lock.
D). shared lock.
Answer : Option B

Question 18 :

A cursor type in which the application sees the data as they were at the time the cursor was opened is called:

A). forward only.
B). static.
C). keyset.
D). dynamic.
Answer : Option B

Question 19 :

What is the overall responsibility of the DBA?

A). Facilitate the development and use of the database
B). Create and populate tables
C). Development, operation, and maintenance of the database and its applications
D). Both the first and third answers above are correct.
Answer : Option D

Question 20 :

Locks placed by the DBMS are called ________ .

A). implicit locks
B). explicit locks
C). exclusive locks
D). shared locks
Answer : Option A