General Questions

Question 11 :

CASE tools do not include which of the following features?

A). Help to draw data models
B). Help to generate code
C). Help to manage people
D). Create an information repository
Answer : Option C

Question 12 :

In enterprise data modeling, which is incorrect?

A). You review current systems.
B). You implement the new database.
C). You describe the data needed at a very high level of abstraction.
D). You plan one or more database development projects.
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

Which of the following database activities require a specific knowledge of a DBMS?

A). Enterprise modeling
B). Conceptual data modeling
C). Logical database design
D). Physical database design and definition
Answer : Option D

Question 14 :

User views are included as part of which schema?

A). Internal
B). Conceptual
C). External
D). None of the above.
Answer : Option C

Question 15 :

Whose role is it to determine the requirements and design for a database?

A). Database analysts
B). Database administrators
C). Both A and B.
D). Neither A or B.
Answer : Option A