General Questions

Question 16 :

A relation in this form is free of all modification anomalies.

A). First normal form
B). Second normal form
C). Third normal form
D). Domain/key normal form
Answer : Option D

Question 17 :

If attributes A and B determine attribute C, then it is also true that:

A). A ? C.
B). B ? C.
C). (A,B) is a composite determinant.
D). C is a determinant.
Answer : Option C

Question 18 :

A tuple is a(n):

A). column of a table.
B). two dimensional table.
C). row of a table.
D). key of a table.
Answer : Option C

Question 19 :

If attribute A determines both attributes B and C, then it is also true that:

A). A ? B.
B). B ? A.
C). C ? A.
D). (B,C) ? A.
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

One solution to the multivalued dependency constraint problem is to:

A). split the relation into two relations, each with a single theme.
B). change the theme.
C). create a new theme.
D). add a composite key.
Answer : Option A