Exercise 3

Instructions to Solve
Each sentences below consist of a word or a phrase which is bold. It is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or pharse which is closes to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

Question 21 :

They had an insipid conversation.

A). lively
B). argumentative
C). loud
D). curious
Answer : Option A

Question 22 :

The habit of squandering money should not be encouraged.

A). discarding
B). boarding
C). collecting
D). saving
Answer : Option D

Question 23 :

The bedroom is at the rear side of this house.

A). unusual
B). front
C). upper
D). back
Answer : Option B

Question 24 :

His critics found in the overt statements some hidden design.

A). converse
B). pervert
C). covert
D). contrived
Answer : Option C

Question 25 :

He spoke against corruption with zeal.

A). indifference
B). calmness
C). despair
D). passiveness
Answer : Option A