Exercise 4

Instructions to Solve
Each sentences below consist of a word or a phrase which is bold. It is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or pharse which is closes to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

Question 1 :

They took note of humility of the visiting dignitary.

A). grandeur
B). arrogance
C). friendliness
D). decency
Answer : Option B

Question 2 :

Harish displays enthusiasm whenever he is posed with a problem.

A). eagerness
B). weakness
C). indifference
D). softness
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

I was surprised at his stiff attitude.

A). courteous
B). flexible
C). soft
D). lively
Answer : Option B

Question 4 :

It was done in a haphazard manner.

A). planned
B). excellent
C). extraordinary
D). designed
Answer : Option A

Question 5 :

He abandoned his family.

A). supported
B). encouraged
C). pleased
D). saved
Answer : Option A

Question 6 :

In a literary work obscurity cab be a virtue.

A). clarity
B). precision
C). definiteness
D). specificity
Answer : Option A

Question 7 :

It was universally characterized as a progressive measure.

A). regressive
B). obstructive
C). retrograde
D). abhorrent
Answer : Option A

Question 8 :

Mala was often teased as corpulent by her friends.

A). fat
B). belligerent
C). garrulous
D). gaunt
Answer : Option D

Question 9 :

His vindictive nature often came up for comment among his friends.

A). forgetful
B). forgiving
C). obedient
D). timid
Answer : Option B

Question 10 :

The minister gave a public speech on the controversial subject to precipitate the matter.

A). aggravate
B). create
C). defer
D). push
Answer : Option C

Question 11 :

Poet often prefer ambiguity to

A). clarity
B). certainty
C). rationality
D). perversity
Answer : Option A

Question 12 :

In ancient India, scholars had no interest in political power or material growth.

A). internal
B). spiritual
C). psychic
D). celestial
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

The atmosphere in that desolate place looked ominous.

A). pleasant
B). encouraging
C). auspicious
D). favorable
Answer : Option C

Question 14 :

Like poverty, affluence can sometimes create its own problems.

A). indigence
B). opulence
C). sorrow
D). exuberance
Answer : Option A

Question 15 :

The atmosphere in the institute he had newly joined congenial to research.

A). disagreeable for
B). inconvenient for
C). unpleasant for
D). unsuitable for
Answer : Option A

Question 16 :

Dinesh could manage his family satisfactory with his meager income.

A). continuous
B). fabulous
C). hard
D). adequate
Answer : Option D

Question 17 :

His short but pointed speech was applauded by all sections of the audience.

A). disapproved
B). misunderstood
C). praised
D). welcomed
Answer : Option A

Question 18 :

I thought about her a lot during the following months.

A). succeeding
B). proceeding
C). preceding
D). receding
Answer : Option C

Question 19 :

His interpretation of the poem is superficial.

A). mysterious
B). difficult
C). profound
D). mystical
Answer : Option C

Question 20 :

The chairman rebuked the accounts for not supervising officer for not supervising the work of his subordinates.

A). received
B). awarded
C). invited
D). praised
Answer : Option D

Question 21 :

It is one of pernicious customs prevailing in the society.

A). permanent
B). beneficial
C). parochial
D). dangerous
Answer : Option B

Question 22 :

He was asked to accelerate the pace of work.

A). supervise
B). slacken
C). control
D). check
Answer : Option B

Question 23 :

The commission took two years to go through the massive collection of files and documents before preparing its report.

A). meager
B). heavy
C). light
D). short
Answer : Option A

Question 24 :

He is the most prudent person. I have ever came across.

A). shortsighted
B). reckless
C). inconsiderate
D). injudicious
Answer : Option B

Question 25 :

According to a great philosopher magnanimity in a man implies many other qualities.

A). enmity
B). meanness
C). jealousy
D). poverty
Answer : Option B

Question 26 :

Nothing has been organised properly and confusion seems inevitable.

A). inevident
B). inefficient
C). ineligible
D). uncertain
Answer : Option A

Question 27 :

What he tells me confirms my ideas.

A). strengthens
B). opposes
C). contradicts
D). verifies
Answer : Option C

Question 28 :

The actor is well known both for his humility and courage.

A). pride
B). determination
C). honesty
D). gentleness
Answer : Option A

Question 29 :

The General Manager is quite tactful and handles the workers union very effectively.

A). disciplined
B). naive
C). strict
D). loose
Answer : Option B

Question 30 :

The error in the newspaper article is incidental.

A). intentional
B). conventional
C). usual
D). permissible
Answer : Option A

Question 31 :

The club meets on the last Thursday of every month is a dilapidated palace.

A). neglected
B). regenerated
C). renovated
D). furnished
Answer : Option C

Question 32 :

A friendly dog meet us at the farmgate.

A). helpful
B). understanding
C). quiet
D). hostile
Answer : Option D

Question 33 :

In the interest of one's own reputation one should avoid ostentation while entertaining friends.

A). miserliness
B). simplicity
C). purity
D). innocence
Answer : Option A

Question 34 :

She used to disparage her neighbor every now and then.

A). please
B). praise
C). belittle
D). denigrate
Answer : Option B

Question 35 :

The story told by the teacher amused children in the class.

A). frightened
B). jolted
C). astonished
D). saddened
Answer : Option D