Exercise 4

Instructions to Solve
Each sentences below consist of a word or a phrase which is bold. It is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or pharse which is closes to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

Question 16 :

Dinesh could manage his family satisfactory with his meager income.

A). continuous
B). fabulous
C). hard
D). adequate
Answer : Option D

Question 17 :

His short but pointed speech was applauded by all sections of the audience.

A). disapproved
B). misunderstood
C). praised
D). welcomed
Answer : Option A

Question 18 :

I thought about her a lot during the following months.

A). succeeding
B). proceeding
C). preceding
D). receding
Answer : Option C

Question 19 :

His interpretation of the poem is superficial.

A). mysterious
B). difficult
C). profound
D). mystical
Answer : Option C

Question 20 :

The chairman rebuked the accounts for not supervising officer for not supervising the work of his subordinates.

A). received
B). awarded
C). invited
D). praised
Answer : Option D