Exercise 22

Instructions to Solve
He saw nothing, he had no knife or sharp instrument, the grating of the window was of iron and he had too often assured himself of its solidity. His furniture consisted of a bed, a chair, a table, a pail, and a jug. The bed had iron clamps, but they were screwed to the wall and it would have required a screwdriver to take them off.

Dantes had but one resource which was to break the jug and with one of the sharp fragments attack the wall. He left the jug fall on the floor and it broke in pieces. He concealed two or three of the sharpest fragments in his bed, leaving the rest on the floor. The breaking of the jug was too natural an accident to excite suspicion, and next morning gaoler went grumblingly to fetch another, without giving himself the trouble to remove the fragments. Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock as guard departed.

Question 1 :

Dantes was in

A). a hostel
B). a dining room
C). an army barracks
D). a prison
Answer : Option D

Question 2 :

Dantes heard the key grate in the lock when the

A). cell door was shut
B). cell door was opened
C). storeroom was opened
D). storeroom was shut
Answer : Option D

Question 3 :

The guard left the fragments because he

A). didn't notice them
B). wished to punish Dantes
C). was too lazy to bother
D). wanted Dantes to clear up
Answer : Option C

Question 4 :

Dantes probably broke the jug

A). in the morning
B). during the night
C). after breakfast
D). at exactly 3pm
Answer : Option B

Question 5 :

Dantes was planning to

A). carve his name
B). make his escape
C). tease the guard
D). call for breakfast
Answer : Option B