Exercise 23

Instructions to Solve
The greatest thing this age can be proud of is the birth of man in the conciousness of men. In his drunken orgies of power and national pride man may flout and jeer at it. when organised national selfishness, racial antipathy and commercial self seeking begin to display their ugly deformities in all their nakedness, then comes the time for man to know that his salvation is not in political organisations and extended trade relations, not in any mechanical re-arrangement of social system but in a deeper transformation of life, in the liberation of consciousness in love, in the realisation of God in man

Question 1 :

In this passage, the phrase "God in man" implies

A). God having assumed the shape of man
B). neither fully godly nor fully human
C). man being transformed into God
D). the divine qualities in man
Answer : Option D

Question 2 :

The author uses the expression 'ugly deformities' to show his indignation at

A). political organisations
B). the liberation of human consciousness
C). selfishness and materialism of the people
D). the drunken orgies of power
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

According to the author, "salvation" of human beings lies in the

A). extended trade relations
B). spiritual transformation of life
C). orgy of national pride
D). wholehearted participated in political organisations
Answer : Option B

Question 4 :

In the phrase "the birth of Man in the consciousness of men", AMn stands for

A). power and arrogance
B). egocentricity
C). noble human qualities
D). an idealistic notion of the human self
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

People jeer at the 'birth of Man' in the human consciousness when they

A). begin to think of themselves as God
B). become power hungry
C). restructure the social system
D). become mentally deranged
Answer : Option B