Exercise 29

Instructions to Solve
Today perhaps your only association with the word 'polio' is the Sabin Oral Vaccine that protects children from the disease. Fifty five years ago this was not so. The dreaded disease, which mainly affects the brain ans spinal cord, causing stiffening and weakening of muscles, crippling and paralysis - which is Why I am in a wheelchair today. If somebody had predicted, when I was born, that this would happen to me, no one would have believed it. I was seventh child in a family of four pairs of brothers and sisters, with huge 23 year gap between the first and last. I was so fair and brown haired that I looked more look like a foreigner than a Dawood Bohri. I was also considered to be the healthiest of the brood.

Question 1 :

In his childhood, the narrator was

A). a weakling
B). very healthy
C). tall and slim
D). short and stout
Answer : Option B

Question 2 :

In this passage, the word 'brood' refers to

A). polio victims
B). foreign children
C). children in the family
D). Indian Children
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

The narrator was the seventh child in a family of

A). 8 children
B). 16 children
C). 23 children
D). 4 children
Answer : Option A

Question 4 :

In this passage, the narrator is a patient of

A). heart disease
B). polio
C). paralysis
D). nervous weakness
Answer : Option B

Question 5 :

In his childhood, the narrator looked "more like a foreigner than a Dawood Bohri" This was because he was

A). a foreign child
B). a very healthy boy
C). tell and smart
D). fair and brown haired
Answer : Option D