Exercise 2

Directions to Solve
In questions given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

Question 1 :

One who sacrifices his life for a cause

A). Patriot
B). Martyr
C). Revolutionary
D). Soldier
Answer : Option B

Question 2 :

A person who brings goods illegally into the country

A). Importer
B). Exporter
C). Fraud
D). Smuggler
Answer : Option D

Question 3 :

To take secretly in small quantities

A). Robbery
B). Pilferage
C). Theft
D). Defalcation
Answer : Option B

Question 4 :

To accustom oneself to a foreign climate

A). Adapt
B). Adopt
C). Accustom
D). Acclimatise
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

One who knows everything

A). Literate
B). Scholar
C). Omnipotent
D). Omniscient
Answer : Option D

Question 6 :

Detailed plan of journey

A). Travelogue
B). Travelkit
C). Schedule
D). Itinerary
Answer : Option D

Question 7 :

Giving undue favours to one's own kith and kin

A). Nepotism
B). Favouritism
C). Wordliness
D). Corruption
Answer : Option A

Question 8 :

Hater of learning and knowledge

A). Misologist
B). Bibliophile
C). Misogynist
D). Misanthropist
Answer : Option A

Question 9 :

A person interested in reading books and nothing else

A). Book-keepr
B). Scholar
C). Book-worm
D). Student
Answer : Option C

Question 10 :

A place where monks live as a secluded community

A). Cathedral
B). Diocese
C). Convent
D). Monastery
Answer : Option D

Question 11 :

Incapable of being seen through

A). Ductile
B). Opaque
C). Obsolete
D). Potable
Answer : Option B

Question 12 :

One who does not care for literature or art

A). Primitive
B). Illiterate
C). Philistine
D). Barbarian
Answer : Option C

Question 13 :

A large sleeping-room with many beds

A). Bedroom
B). Dormitory
C). Hostel
D). Basement
Answer : Option B

Question 14 :

Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc.

A). Enmity
B). Feud
C). Quarrel
D). Skirmish
Answer : Option B

Question 15 :

A building for storing threshed grain

A). Hangar
B). Dockyard
C). Store
D). Granary
Answer : Option D

Question 16 :

Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP

A). Outriders
B). Servants
C). Commandos
D). Attendants
Answer : Option A

Question 17 :

One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him

A). Virulent
B). Vindictive
C). Usurer
D). Vindicator
Answer : Option B

Question 18 :

Murder of a king

A). Infanticide
B). Matricide
C). Genocide
D). Regicide
Answer : Option D

Question 19 :

An expression of mild disapproval

A). Warning
B). Denigration
C). Impertinence
D). Reproof
Answer : Option D

Question 20 :

One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than in things outside

A). Scholar
B). Recluse
C). Introvert
D). Intellectual
Answer : Option C

Question 21 :

One who dabbles in fine arts for the love of it and not for monetary gains

A). Connoisseur
B). Amateur
C). Professional
D). Dilettante
Answer : Option B

Question 22 :

A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a

A). Defeatist
B). Sycophant
C). Truant
D). Martinet
Answer : Option C

Question 23 :

Ready to believe

A). Credulous
B). Credible
C). Creditable
D). Incredible
Answer : Option A

Question 24 :

Medical study of skin and its diseases

A). Dermatology
B). Endocrinology
C). Gynealogy
D). Orthopaedics
Answer : Option A

Question 25 :

A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things

A). Trickster
B). Imposter
C). Magician
D). Mountebank
Answer : Option A

Question 26 :

A dramatic performance

A). Mask
B). Mosque
C). Masque
D). Mascot
Answer : Option C

Question 27 :

One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation

A). Bachelor
B). Celibate
C). Vigin
D). Recluse
Answer : Option B

Question 28 :

That which is perceptible by touch is

A). Contagious
B). Contingent
C). Tenacious
D). Tangible
Answer : Option D

Question 29 :

Very pleasing to eat

A). Appetising
B). Palatable
C). Tantalising
D). Sumptuous
Answer : Option B

Question 30 :

The part of government which is concerned with making of rules

A). Court
B). Tribunal
C). Bar
D). Legislature
Answer : Option D

Question 31 :

One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is a

A). Fatalist
B). Puritan
C). Egoist
D). Tyrant
Answer : Option A

Question 32 :

Something that relates to everyone in the world

A). General
B). Common
C). Usual
D). Universal
Answer : Option D

Question 33 :

To walk with slow or regular Steps is to

A). Limp
B). Stride
C). Pace
D). Advance
Answer : Option C

Question 34 :

A style full of words

A). Verbose
B). Pedantic
C). Rhetorical
D). Abundant
Answer : Option A

Question 35 :

Murder of a brother

A). Patricide
B). Regicide
C). Homicide
D). Fratricide
Answer : Option D

Question 36 :

Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes

A). Elite
B). Highbrow
C). Sophisticated
D). Fastidious
Answer : Option B

Question 37 :

To cause troops, etc. to spread out in readiness for battle

A). Disperse
B). Deploy
C). Collocate
D). Align
Answer : Option B

Question 38 :

A voice loud enough to be heard

A). Audible
B). Applaudable
C). Laudable
D). Oral
Answer : Option A

Question 39 :

A light sailing boat built specially for racing

A). Canoe
B). Yacht
C). Frigate
D). Dinghy
Answer : Option B

Question 40 :

One who is in charge of museum

A). Curator
B). Supervisor
C). Caretaker
D). Warden
Answer : Option A

Question 41 :

A government by the nobles

A). Aristocracy
B). Democracy
C). Autocracy
D). Bureaucracy
Answer : Option A

Question 42 :

One who is honourably discharged from service

A). Retired
B). Emeritus
C). Relieved
D). Emancipated
Answer : Option B

Question 43 :

Present opposing arguments or evidence

A). Criticise
B). Rebuff
C). Reprimand
D). Rebut
Answer : Option D

Question 44 :

The policy of extending a country's empire and influence

A). Communism
B). Internationalism
C). Capitalism
D). Imperialism
Answer : Option D

Question 45 :

Of outstanding significance

A). Monumental
B). Rational
C). Ominous
D). Evident
Answer : Option A

Question 46 :

Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence

A). Statesmanship
B). Formalism
C). Hierarchy
D). Protocol
Answer : Option D

Question 47 :

A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth

A). Geological
B). Geo-synchronous
C). Geo-centric
D). Geo-stationary
Answer : Option D

Question 48 :

That which cannot be believed

A). Incredible
B). Incredulous
C). Implausible
D). Unreliable
Answer : Option A

Question 49 :

To issue a thunderous verbal attack

A). Languish
B). Animate
C). Fulminate
D). Invigorate
Answer : Option C