Exercise 18

Instructions to Solve
In each question rearrange the given sentences in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then, mark the correct sequence as answer.

Question 1 :

1. Participation involves more than the formal sharing of decisions.
2. Through anticipation, individuals or organisations consider trends and make plans, shielding institutions from trauma of learning by shock.
3. Innovative learning involves both anticipation and participation.
4. It is an attitude characterised by cooperation, dialogue and empathy.

A). 2314
B). 1243
C). 4132
D). 3214
E). 1324
Answer : Option D

Question 2 :

1. Finally the bureaucratic organisation took over from the pioneering enterprise.
2. The 19th century was the age of entrepreneur, the self-made man.
3. Thoughtful business administration took over from action-centred business entrepreneurship.
4. In the 20th century the rational executive took command.

A). 4213
B). 3124
C). 2431
D). 2341
E). 4213
Answer : Option D

Question 3 :

1. However, different rulers and governments dealt with the different groups in a compartmentalised manner.
2. Various situtatutional and political changes have taken place over the past three and half centuries.
3. This tendency resulted in deeply embedded fragmented South African society which became even more prominent in the period 1948 until the new commencement of the new Constitution on May 10 1994.
4. South Africa is a racially divided society since the first European settlers arrived in 1652.

A). 2413
B). 4213
C). 3124
D). 1342
E). 2134
Answer : Option B

Question 4 :

1. Now under liberated economy they are learning to complete domestically and globally.
2. In India corporations until recently achieved success by avoiding competition, using protected and regulated domestic markets.
3. The trend is irreversible.
4. Business leaders are preparing themselves to meet competitive challenges and to avoid being swept away.

A). 1243
B). 2431
C). 2413
D). 3421
E). 2143
Answer : Option E

Question 5 :

1. Learn a kind of tenderness towards the vanity of others.
2. And indeed towards all their prejudices.
3. Who make a cult of sincerity.
4. Men accustomed to difficult negotiations.
5. Which is infinitely shocking to these.

A). 43512
B). 34521
C). 41253
D). 34251
E). 43521
Answer : Option C