Exercise 18

Instructions to Solve
In each question rearrange the given sentences in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then, mark the correct sequence as answer.

Question 6 :

1. Much of the argument that goes on around the alternative solution across because people hold different perceptions of the problem.
2. One of the reasons that Japanese Managers are perceived as making superior decisions compared to Western Managers is that they spend a great deal of effort and time determining that the problem is correctly defined.
3. Unfortunately, too often in the West, Managers assume that the initial definition of the situation is correct.
4. Up to half the time in meetings is spent in asking. "Is this the real problem?"

A). 2431
B). 2341
C). 3241
D). 1342
E). 1234
Answer : Option A

Question 7 :

1. He was so busy with them that he did not get time to eat.
2. Thousands of people came to him and asked different types of questions.
3. No one cared to see that he had this food or rest that night.
4. Swami Vivekananda once stayed in a small village.

A). 2341
B). 3214
C). 4213
D). 4231
E). 1234
Answer : Option C

Question 8 :

1. Such a system will help identify and groom executives for positions of strategists.
2. Evaluation of performance is more often than not done for the purpose of reward or punishment for the past performance.
3. They must become an integral part of the executive evaluation system.
4. Even where the evaluation system is for one's promotion to assume higher responsibilities, it rarely includes items that are a key for playing the role of strategists effectively.

A). 4213
B). 4321
C). 1234
D). 2431
E). 3421
Answer : Option D

Question 9 :

1. The facts speak for themselves so they need exposition only, not demonstration.
2. At the present moment, it is widely recognised that Indian holds the balance in worldwide competition between rival ideologies.
3. It is not of course, only in geographical sense that India is in a key position.
4. India's key position simply needs pointing out.

A). 4132
B). 3412
C). 2341
D). 2413
E). 4123
Answer : Option C