Exercise 4

Instructions to Solve
Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 1 :

The king ...... the rebel.

A). excused
B). forgave
C). pardoned
D). none of these
Answer : Option C

Question 2 :

I shall call ...... you tomorrow.

A). at
B). on
C). with
D). by
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

She ...... from the crowd because of her height and flaming red hair.

A). stood out
B). stood off
C). stood up
D). stood by
Answer : Option A

Question 4 :

In a large cities people are cut ...... from nature.

A). away
B). off
C). out
D). down
Answer : Option A

Question 5 :

The more your action and thought are allied and ...... the happier you grow.

A). diverget
B). unravelled
C). integrated
D). invincible
Answer : Option C