Exercise 2

Instructions to Solve
In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

Question 41 :


A). Dishonour
B). Glory
C). Integrity
D). Reputation
Answer : Option A

Question 42 :


A). Crafty
B). Skilful
C). Maningful
D). Cruel
Answer : Option B

Question 43 :


A). Smouldering
B). Glittering
C). Touching
D). Warming
Answer : Option B

Question 44 :


A). Hot
B). Warm
C). Cold
D). Boiling
Answer : Option B

Question 45 :


A). Wild
B). Greedy
C). Angry
D). Quick
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

If you describe a person, or their appetite for something, as voracious, you mean that they want a lot of something.