Exercise 3

Instructions to Solve
In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Question 1 :

It is very difficult to retain all that you hear in the class.

A). keep
B). recall
C). preserve
D). conserve
Answer : Option A

Question 2 :

The great artist life was full of vicissitudes.

A). sorrows
B). misfortunes
C). changes
D). surprises
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

She has an insatiable love for music.

A). unsatisfiable
B). unchanging
C). irreconcilable
D). undesirable
Answer : Option A

Question 4 :

The great dancer impressed the appreciative crowd by his nimble movements.

A). Unrhythmic
B). lively
C). quickening
D). clear
Answer : Option C

Question 5 :

The visitor had a bohemian look.

A). hostile
B). unconventional
C). sinister
D). unfriendly
Answer : Option B

Question 6 :

The bullet wound proved to be fatal and the soldier died immediately.

A). grievous
B). dangerous
C). serious
D). deadly
Answer : Option D

Question 7 :

The attitude of Western countries towards the Third World Countries is rather callous to say the least.

A). passive
B). unkind
C). cursed
D). unfeeling
Answer : Option D

Question 8 :

In spite of their efforts, the team of scientists could not make much headway to solve the problem.

A). progress
B). thinking
C). efforts
D). start
Answer : Option A

Question 9 :

On scrutiny the police officer found out that the documents provided by the landlord were totally fabricated.

A). forged
B). historical
C). prepared
D). genuine
Answer : Option A

Question 10 :

Lack of occupation is not necessary revealed by manifest idleness.

A). easily perceived
B). easily acquired
C). easily infected
D). easily deflected
Answer : Option A

Question 11 :

The accident occurred due to his lapse.

A). trick
B). interval
C). error
D). ignorance
Answer : Option C

Question 12 :

Sunlight and shadow made the landscape a kaleidoscope of colour.

A). tube containing mirrors and loose pieces of coloured glass
B). frequently changing pattern of bright scenes
C). a mixture of black and white
D). resembling the seven colours of rainbow
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

After the dismal performance of the team in the series concluded yesterday, the captain offered his resignation to the president of the club.

A). poor
B). sorrowful
C). minimum
D). short
Answer : Option A

Question 14 :

We didn't believe in his statement, but subsequent events proved that he was right.

A). later
B). many
C). few
D). earlier
Answer : Option A

Question 15 :

The pioneers left a blazing trial of courage, manliness and chivalry.

A). inventors
B). explorers
C). colonialist
D). settlers
Answer : Option D

Question 16 :

He has a propensity for getting into debt.

A). natural tendency
B). aptitude
C). characteristic
D). quality
Answer : Option A

Question 17 :

That young is quite sanguine about the result of his competitive examination.

A). depressed
B). pessimistic
C). anxious
D). optimistic
Answer : Option D

Question 18 :

He is averse to the idea of holding elections now.

A). convinced
B). angry
C). agreeable
D). opposed
Answer : Option D

Question 19 :

The thief outwitted the constable on some pretext and disappeared on the way to the police station.

A). defeated
B). be fooled
C). cheated
D). outmanoeuvred
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

Silence is mandatory for meditation to be effective.

A). compulsory
B). necessary
C). required
D). needed
Answer : Option A

Question 21 :

We should always try to maintain and promote communal amity.

A). bondage
B). contention
C). friendship
D). understanding
Answer : Option C

Question 22 :

The soldier displayed exceptional courage and saved Major from the enemy's hand.

A). avoidable
B). unusual
C). strange
D). abnormal
Answer : Option B

Question 23 :

Public figures should not indulge in mud-slinging.

A). caricatures
B). mockery
C). slander
D). quarrelling
Answer : Option C

Question 24 :

The notice said that the meeting would begin precisely at 9.30 AM.

A). approximately
B). exactly
C). accurately
D). concisely
Answer : Option B

Question 25 :

That the plan is both inhuman and preposterous needs no further proof.

A). heartless
B). impractical
C). absurd
D). abnormal
Answer : Option C

Question 26 :

The prisoner has been languishing in the jail for the last many years.

A). convicted
B). suffering
C). attempting
D). avoiding
Answer : Option B

Question 27 :

As the driver was inebriated he could not control the car.

A). inexperienced
B). tired
C). befuddled
D). intoxicated
Answer : Option D

Question 28 :

When the police questioned him, he gave very incoherent answer at first.

A). irrational
B). inconsistent
C). irrelevant
D). irritating
Answer : Option B

Question 29 :

Even today many people are guided by abstruse moral values.

A). dangerous
B). impracticable
C). obscure
D). irrational
Answer : Option C

Question 30 :

Instead of putting up a united front against on common enemy, the medieval states frittered away their energy in internecine warfare.

A). mutually destructive
B). baneful
C). pernicious
D). detrimental
Answer : Option A

Question 31 :

Few teachers have been spared the problem of an obstreperous pupil in the class.

A). sullen
B). unruly
C). lazy
D). awkward
Answer : Option B

Question 32 :

The story is too fantastic to be credible.

A). believable
B). false
C). readable
D). praiseworthy
Answer : Option A

Question 33 :

They feel that we should be fully aware of our own environment.

A). nationality
B). heredity
C). nature
D). surroundings
Answer : Option D

Question 34 :

No one will invite her to a tea party for she is so garrulous.

A). talks a lot
B). giggles all the time
C). laughs a lot
D). repeats gossip
Answer : Option A

Question 35 :

The aberration in the Indian Economy can be attributed to short-sightedness of its political masters.

A). procrastination
B). privilege
C). deviation
D). steadfastness
Answer : Option C

Question 36 :

Traffic being what it is, it is lamentable that our roads are unable to take the load.

A). unpardonable
B). deplorable
C). inexcusable
D). terrible
Answer : Option B

Question 37 :

A rupture in the relationship of two brothers is quite apparent.

A). break
B). damage
C). breach
D). gap
Answer : Option A

Question 38 :

His visit to foreign countries brought about a sea-change in his outlook and his attitude to people.

A). complete change
B). partial change
C). favourable change
D). unfavourable change
Answer : Option A

Question 39 :

Only those who are gullible take every advertisement seriously.

A). fallible
B). enthusiastic
C). unsuspecting
D). unrealistic
Answer : Option C

Question 40 :

Whatever opinion he give is sane

A). rational
B). obscure
C). wild
D). arrogant
Answer : Option A

Question 41 :

The recent acts of vandalism in the country cannot be ignored.

A). disturbance
B). ravage
C). provocation
D). violence
Answer : Option D

Question 42 :

It took him a long time to come round after the operation.

A). recover
B). walk
C). move
D). eat
Answer : Option A

Question 43 :

I don't like alien fashions.

A). foreign
B). extraneous
C). unusual
D). exotic
Answer : Option A

Question 44 :

Catching snakes can be hazardous for people untrained in the art.

A). tricky
B). harmful
C). difficult
D). dangerous
Answer : Option D

Question 45 :

The inspector was a vigilant young man.

A). intelligent
B). ambitious
C). watchful
D). smart
Answer : Option C

Question 46 :

I wrote to him as lately as last week.

A). immediately
B). early
C). recently
D). late
Answer : Option C

Question 47 :

Many species of animals have become extinct during the last hundred years.

A). aggressive
B). non-existent
C). scattered
D). feeble.
Answer : Option B

Question 48 :

The tablet alleviated the pain, and the patient was soon feeling much better.

A). mitigated
B). moderated
C). removed
D). lightened
Answer : Option A

Question 49 :

The International Community may begin to doubt the credentials of the largest democracy in the world.

A). principles
B). dependability
C). capacity to return loans
D). trustworthiness
Answer : Option D

Question 50 :

They were totally unaware of the impending disaster.

A). threatening
B). imminent
C). terrible
D). possible
Answer : Option B