Exercise 3

Instructions to Solve
In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Question 26 :

The prisoner has been languishing in the jail for the last many years.

A). convicted
B). suffering
C). attempting
D). avoiding
Answer : Option B

Question 27 :

As the driver was inebriated he could not control the car.

A). inexperienced
B). tired
C). befuddled
D). intoxicated
Answer : Option D

Question 28 :

When the police questioned him, he gave very incoherent answer at first.

A). irrational
B). inconsistent
C). irrelevant
D). irritating
Answer : Option B

Question 29 :

Even today many people are guided by abstruse moral values.

A). dangerous
B). impracticable
C). obscure
D). irrational
Answer : Option C

Question 30 :

Instead of putting up a united front against on common enemy, the medieval states frittered away their energy in internecine warfare.

A). mutually destructive
B). baneful
C). pernicious
D). detrimental
Answer : Option A