Exercise 3

Instructions to Solve
In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Question 31 :

Few teachers have been spared the problem of an obstreperous pupil in the class.

A). sullen
B). unruly
C). lazy
D). awkward
Answer : Option B

Question 32 :

The story is too fantastic to be credible.

A). believable
B). false
C). readable
D). praiseworthy
Answer : Option A

Question 33 :

They feel that we should be fully aware of our own environment.

A). nationality
B). heredity
C). nature
D). surroundings
Answer : Option D

Question 34 :

No one will invite her to a tea party for she is so garrulous.

A). talks a lot
B). giggles all the time
C). laughs a lot
D). repeats gossip
Answer : Option A

Question 35 :

The aberration in the Indian Economy can be attributed to short-sightedness of its political masters.

A). procrastination
B). privilege
C). deviation
D). steadfastness
Answer : Option C