Exercise 3

Instructions to Solve
In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Question 36 :

Traffic being what it is, it is lamentable that our roads are unable to take the load.

A). unpardonable
B). deplorable
C). inexcusable
D). terrible
Answer : Option B

Question 37 :

A rupture in the relationship of two brothers is quite apparent.

A). break
B). damage
C). breach
D). gap
Answer : Option A

Question 38 :

His visit to foreign countries brought about a sea-change in his outlook and his attitude to people.

A). complete change
B). partial change
C). favourable change
D). unfavourable change
Answer : Option A

Question 39 :

Only those who are gullible take every advertisement seriously.

A). fallible
B). enthusiastic
C). unsuspecting
D). unrealistic
Answer : Option C

Question 40 :

Whatever opinion he give is sane

A). rational
B). obscure
C). wild
D). arrogant
Answer : Option A