Exercise 11

Question 21 :

The largest cantilever bridge of India is

A). Chambal Bridge
B). Mahatama Gandhi Setu
C). Howrah Bridge
D). None of the above
Answer : Option C

Question 22 :

The headquarter of United Nations Fund for Programmes Population Activities (UNFA) are at

A). London
B). New York
C). Washington
D). Rome
Answer : Option B

Question 23 :

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located in

A). Dehradun
B). Darjeeling
C). Uttarkashi
D). Shillong
Answer : Option B

Question 24 :

Deforestation in the uplands may cause pollution in rivers through

A). leaching of salts
B). erosion and silting
C). inflow of forest material
D). increased discharge rate
Answer : Option B

Question 25 :

The Indian Ocean Arc is an Imaginary circle in space about ____ over the equator

A). 20,000 km
B). 35,000 km
C). 36,000 km
D). 30,000 km
Answer : Option C