Exercise 11

Question 36 :

The important industries of Rajasthan are

A). textiles and woollen
B). sugar and cement
C). glass and zinc smelters
D). All of the above
Answer : Option D

Question 37 :

The headquarter of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is at

A). Kolkata
B). Darjeeling
C). New Delhi
D). Warsaw
Answer : Option C

Question 38 :

The member states of Benelux Economic Union are

A). Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
B). Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Iraq
C). Indonesia, Kuwait, Libya
D). Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago
Answer : Option A

Question 39 :

The largest city of India is

A). New Delhi
B). Mumbai
C). Kolkata
D). Chennai
Answer : Option B

Question 40 :

The literacy rate of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is

A). 81.18 per cent
B). 80.76 per cent
C). 79.23 per cent
D). 78.11 per cent
Answer : Option A