Exercise 12

Question 11 :

The headquarter of Asian Development Bank is located in which of the following cities

A). Jakarta
B). Singapore
C). Bangkok
D). Manila
Answer : Option D

Question 12 :

The Melghat Tiger reserve is in

A). Assam
B). Maharashtra
C). Karnataka
D). Orissa
Answer : Option B

Question 13 :

The legislature of Sikkim is

A). Unicameral
B). Bicameral
C). Polycameral
D). None of the above
Answer : Option A

Question 14 :

The lower limit of perpetual snow in mountains such as the Himalayas is termed as the

A). tree line
B). timber line
C). snow line
D). boundary line
Answer : Option C

Question 15 :

The instrument used to measure electric current is

A). ammeter
B). electrometer
C). galvanometer
D). spectrometer
Answer : Option A