Exercise 13

Question 21 :

The national sport of Canada is

A). tennis and cricket
B). lacrosse
C). judo
D). rugby and football
Answer : Option B

Question 22 :

The Prize that is awarded every two years to people who have worded for "Freedom of speech", is

A). Plame Prize
B). UNEOSCO Prize for Tolerance
C). Unesco Peace Award
D). Monismanien Swedish
Answer : Option D

Question 23 :

The origin of modern badminton is attributed to

A). India
B). Britain
C). France
D). Spain
Answer : Option B

Question 24 :

The SAF (South Asian Federation) Game, as a part of the SAARC programme, was first held in

A). 1964
B). 1974
C). 1984
D). 1994
Answer : Option C

Question 25 :

The normal threshold of hearing is around

A). 60-80 db
B). 45-60 db
C). 100-120 db
D). 25-45 db
Answer : Option D