Exercise 13

Question 46 :

The playground of baseball is known as

A). court
B). diamond
C). ring
D). pitch
Answer : Option A

Question 47 :

The sacred text of Confucianism is

A). The Tripitaka
B). The Analects
C). Quran
D). no specific text
Answer : Option B

Question 48 :

The state having maximum cities is

A). Uttar Pradesh
B). West Bengal
C). Madhya Pradesh
D). Kerala
Answer : Option A

Question 49 :

The National Convention framed the new Republican constitution of France in 1795, according to which

A). the executive authority of the state was vested in a committee of five directors, called the Directory
B). a bicameral legislature was established
C). both (a) and (b)
D). None of the above
Answer : Option C

Question 50 :

The Sports Authority of India is was registered as a society in

A). 1982
B). 1983
C). 1984
D). 1985
Answer : Option C