Exercise 15

Question 41 :

Todar Mal was

A). revenue minister in the court of Akbar
B). one of the nine gems in the court of Akbar
C). known for his reforms in policies of land revenue during Akbar's reign
D). All of the above
Answer : Option D

Question 42 :

The unit of energy in MKS system is

A). volt
B). erg
C). ohm
D). joule
Answer : Option D

Question 43 :

Tiruchirapalli is situated on river

A). Cauvery
B). Tapti
C). Krishna
D). Ganga
Answer : Option A

Question 44 :

The XV Asian Games are scheduled to be held at

A). Qatar
B). Hiroshima
C). Beijing
D). Jakarta
Answer : Option A

Question 45 :

The term cover point in cricket means

A). the position given by the bowler to the fielder on the offside, in front of a wicket
B). if the ball goes off the batsman's leg
C). an off-break ball bowled by a left-handed bowler to a right-handed batsman
D). None of the above
Answer : Option A