Exercise 16

Question 1 :

Unofficial, and usually illegal, system of providing people with more then their share of goods and services where their prices are controlled, is called

A). black money
B). blue chip
C). black market
D). black economy
Answer : Option C

Question 2 :

Under which article in 1968, the number of votes required in the Security Council to convene a general conference to review the charter was increased from seven to nine?

A). Article 81
B). Article 98
C). Article 109
D). Article 115
Answer : Option C

Question 3 :

The term Ground Stroke is associated with which of the following games?

A). Cricket
B). Badminton
C). Tennis
D). Draughts
Answer : Option C

Question 4 :

The type of root system of all of the following is tap root system, except that of

A). mango tree
B). kachnar tree
C). sunflower plant
D). maize plant
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

To which of the following countries does the news agency Cetreko belong?

A). Czechoslovakia
B). Indonesia
C). France
Answer : Option A