Exercise 16

Question 21 :

The term of office of a Judge of the International Court of Justice is

A). five years
B). six years
C). nine years
D). ten years
Answer : Option C

Question 22 :

UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) was established in

A). 1919
B). 1957
C). 1945
D). 1946
Answer : Option D

Question 23 :

The Treaty of Versailles was signed in

A). 1917
B). 1918
C). 1919
D). 1920
Answer : Option C

Question 24 :

The temporary suspension of hostilities by mutual consent in order to stout a peace negotiation is called

A). arbitration
B). asylum
C). armistice
D). apartheid
Answer : Option C

Question 25 :

The UN Flag is made up of

A). the white UN Emblem is super-imposed on a light blue background
B). the red UN Emblem is super-imposed on white background
C). the light blue UN Emblem is super-imposed on white background
D). None of the above
Answer : Option A