Exercise 17

Question 21 :

What is the height of Nainital, Uttaranchal above sea level?

A). 7,500 ft above sea level
B). 3,500 ft above sea level
C). 7,168 ft above sea level
D). 6,400 ft above sea level
Answer : Option A

Question 22 :

When a given amount of air is cooled

A). the amount of moisture it can hold decreases
B). its absolute humidity decreases
C). its relative humidity remains constant
D). its absolute humidity increases
Answer : Option A

Question 23 :

When did France became Republic?

A). 1789 AD
B). 1798 AD
C). 1792 AD
D). 1729 AD
Answer : Option C

Question 24 :

What is the purpose of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)?

A). Sustained economic growth
B). Employment
C). Higher standards of living
D). All of the above
Answer : Option D

Question 25 :

When and where was weightlifting introduced in Olympics?

A). 1986 at Athens
B). 1988 at Seoul
C). 1924 at St. Louis
D). 1908 at London
Answer : Option A