Exercise 3

Question 21 :

How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?

A). Four times
B). Twice
C). Five times
D). Once
Answer : Option C

Question 22 :

If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body

A). increases
B). remains unchanged
C). decreases
D). may decrease or increase
Answer : Option C

Question 23 :

In August, 1996 at Kolar(near Bangalore), India made successful test flights of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) named

A). Arjun
B). Nishant
C). Vijayanta
D). Lakshya
Answer : Option B

Question 24 :

IDA stands for

A). Indian Development Agency
B). International Development Agency
C). Industrial Development Analyses
D). None of the above
Answer : Option B

Question 25 :

Indira Gandhi was assassinated in

A). 1974
B). 1984
C). 1994
D). 2004
Answer : Option B