Exercise 4

Question 16 :

How much districts are there in Meghalaya?

A). 11
B). 2
C). 5
D). 9
Answer : Option A

Question 17 :

How many Dynes are there in 1 gram weight?

A). 900
B). 375
C). 981
D). 250
Answer : Option C

Question 18 :

In big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai police is headed by a

A). Commissioner of Police
B). Inspector General of Police
C). Deputy Inspector General of Police
D). None of the above
Answer : Option A

Question 19 :

Indian Institute of Petroleum is located at

A). Dehradun
B). Kolkata
C). Dhanbad
D). New Delhi
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

In which of the following team events India got a Gold Medal at the 2002 Asian Games?

A). Kabaddi
B). Hockey
C). 4 x 200 m Relay
D). 4 x 100 m Relay
Answer : Option A