Exercise 5

Question 6 :

Milkha Singh Stood ____ in 1960 Olympics, in Athletics.

A). fourth in 400m final
B). second in 400m final
C). eighth in 50km walk
D). seventh in 800m final
Answer : Option A

Question 7 :

Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the

A). Tehri project
B). Enron project
C). Sardar Sarovar project
D). Dabhol project
Answer : Option C

Question 8 :

Kathakali, Mohiniatam and Ottamthullal are the famous dances of

A). Kerala
B). Karnataka
C). Orissa
D). Tamil Nadu
Answer : Option A

Question 9 :

Jaspal Rana is associated with which of the following games?

A). Swimming
B). Archery
C). Shooting
D). Weightlifting
Answer : Option C

Question 10 :

Lala Lajpat Rai is also known as

A). Sher-e-Punjab
B). Punjab Kesari
C). both (a) and (b)
D). None of the above
Answer : Option C