Exercise 7

Question 16 :

Shaurya Chakra made up of bronze is awarded for

A). gallantry otherwise than in the face of the enemy
B). most conspicuous bravery for some act of self sacrifice
C). gallantry in the presence of enemy
D). None of the above
Answer : Option A

Question 17 :

Sushri Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar received Bharath Ratna in

A). 2000
B). 2001
C). 2002
D). 2003
Answer : Option B

Question 18 :

Taoism is followed in

A). worldwide
B). Iran and north-west India
C). China, Taiwan, Nauru, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam
D). Japan
Answer : Option C

Question 19 :

The 2005 Wimbledon Women's Singles champion defeated which of the following to win the title?

A). Maria Sharapova
B). Lindsay Davenport
C). Mary Pierce
D). Serena Williams
Answer : Option B

Question 20 :

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a well known freedom fighter of

A). Bangladesh
B). Myanmar
C). Pakistan
D). Afghanistan
Answer : Option A