Exercise 2

Question 1 :

Which of the film is directed by Mr. Buddhadeb Gupta?

A). Mohra
B). Krantiveer
C). 1942 - A Love Story
D). Charachar
Answer : Option D

Question 2 :

'Neela Chand' which won the Vyas Samman for 1992 is written by

A). Shiv Prasad Singh
B). Subash Mukhopadhyay
C). Ram Vilas Sharma
D). Ramakant Rath
Answer : Option A

Question 3 :

The famous book 'Anna Karenina' written by ?

A). Boris Pasternak
B). Victor Hugo
C). Lewis Carroll
D). Leo Tolstoy
Answer : Option D

Question 4 :

Who is the author of famous book 'The Judgement'?

A). Anthony Mascarenhasa
B). R. Vankataraman
C). Kuldip Nayar
D). Janardhan Turkur
Answer : Option C

Question 5 :

Who said "I therefore, want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn, if it can be had"?

A). Jawaharlal Nehru
B). Mahatma Gandhi
C). Rajendra Prasad
D). Nelson Mandela
Answer : Option B