Exercise 1

Question 6 :

Which of the following books has been written by Vikram Seth?

A). My God Died Young
B). Islamic Bomb
C). Look Back in Anger
D). A Suitable Boy
Answer : Option D

Question 7 :

Who wrote the line: ' A thing of beauty is a joy forever'?

A). John Keats
B). Robert Browing
C). P.B.Shelley
D). William Wordsworth
Answer : Option A

Question 8 :

Who has written the book 'My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir'?

A). Anees Jung
B). Jagmohan
C). M.J.Akbar
D). Nissim Ezekiel
Answer : Option B

Question 9 :

The book 'To Live or Not Live' was written by

A). V.S. Naipaul
B). Alexandra Dumas
C). George Elliot
D). Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Answer : Option D

Question 10 :

In India the first television programme was broadcasted in

A). 1959
B). 1965
C). 1976
D). 1957
Answer : Option A