Exercise 1

Question 21 :

Which of the following English films was the first one to be dubbed in Hindi?

A). Aladdin
B). Universal Soldier
C). Speed
D). Iron Man
Answer : Option A

Question 22 :

Who wrote the book 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age'?

A). C.D.Deshmukh
B). Dr. P.C.Alexander
C). M.O.Mathai
D). S.C.Rajagopalachari
Answer : Option C

Question 23 :

Aurobindo was the author of

A). Discovery of India
B). Hindu view of life
C). Yogashastra
D). Savitri
Answer : Option D

Question 24 :

Which of the following is a biography of the Lady Mountbatten?

A). Edwina Mountbatten - A Life of Her Own.
B). Edwina Mountbatten - Her relationship with Nehru
C). Mountbatten
D). Edwina Mountbattten
Answer : Option A

Question 25 :

In which year was the 'All India Radio' set up?

A). 1936
B). 1927
C). 1947
D). 1950
Answer : Option A