Exercise 1

Question 31 :

'The Gathering Storm' is written by

A). Winston Churchill
B). George Washington
C). Voltaire
D). Romain Rolland
Answer : Option A

Question 32 :

The television serial 'Charitraheen' is based on the famous novel of which of the following authors?

A). Rabindranath Tagore
B). Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaya
C). Tara Sankar Bandhopadhya
D). Bankim Chandra Chatterji
Answer : Option B

Question 33 :

The programme 'Gyan Vani' is broadcasted by

A). Zee TV
C). Sony TV
D). Doordarshan
Answer : Option B

Question 34 :

Who is the author of the book 'My Experiments with Truth'?

A). Mahatma Gandhi
B). Michael Anderson
C). Winston Churchill
D). Jarnes Morris
Answer : Option A

Question 35 :

Who is the writer of 'Swamy and Friends'?

A). Munshi Premchand
B). Raman
C). Max Muller
D). R. K. Narayan
Answer : Option D