Exercise 1

Question 41 :

The book named 'Three Decades in Parliament' is a collection of the speeches of

A). A. B. Vajpayee
B). Somnath Chatterjee
C). L. K. Advani
D). N. G. Ranga
Answer : Option A

Question 42 :

Who said 'Man is a political animal'?

A). Dante
B). Aristotle
C). Socrates
D). Plato
Answer : Option B

Question 43 :

The famous character 'Pickwick' was created by

A). Steven Spielberg
B). Leo Tolstoy
C). Walt Disney
D). Charles dickens
Answer : Option D

Question 44 :

'The General Happiness is the end of the state' who said this?

A). Hegel
B). Benthem
C). Plato
D). Green
Answer : Option B

Question 45 :

'Sports Channel' a monthly video magazine has been launched by

A). Kapil Dev
B). Sunil Gavaskar
C). Ajit Wadekar
D). Nawab Pataudi
Answer : Option A