Exercise 2

Question 1 :

The monomer of polythene is

A). vinyl chloride
B). ethylene
C). ethyl alcohol
D). None of the above
Answer : Option B

Question 2 :

The luster of a metal is due to

A). its high density
B). its high polishing
C). its chemical inertness
D). presence of free electrons
Answer : Option D

Question 3 :

The most malleable metal is

A). platinum
B). silver
C). iron
D). gold
Answer : Option D

Question 4 :

The oil used in the froth floatation process is

A). coconut oil
B). olive oil
C). kerosene oil
D). pine oil
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

The items amenable to detection by soft x-rays are

A). contrabands
B). lead in bullets
C). narcotics
D). genuine coins from counterfeit coins
Answer : Option D