Exercise 3

Question 1 :

The major constituent of air is

A). nitrogen
B). carbon dioxide
C). oxygen
D). hydrogen
Answer : Option A

Question 2 :

The main chemical constituent of clay is

A). silicon oxide
B). aluminium borosilicate
C). zeolites
D). aluminium silicate
Answer : Option D

Question 3 :

The mineral containing both magnesium and calcium is

A). magnesite
B). calcite
C). carnallite
D). dolomite
Answer : Option D

Question 4 :

The metal does not give H2 on treatment with dilute HCL is

A). Zn
B). Fe
C). Ag
D). Ca
Answer : Option C

Question 5 :

The most extensive, commercially useful source of thorium as monazite sand occurs in India at

A). Orissa coast
B). Travancore coast
C). West Bengal coast
D). Gujarat coast
Answer : Option B