Exercise 1

Question 1 :

The first death anniversary day of Sri Rajiv Gandhi was observed as the

A). National Integration Day
B). Peace and Love Day
C). Secularism Day
D). Anti-Terrorism Day
Answer : Option D

Explanation :

May 21, the death anniversary of ex-prime minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi is also observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India.

Question 2 :

20th August is celebrated as

A). Earth Day
B). Sadbhavana Divas
C). No Tobacco Day
D). None of these
Answer : Option B

Explanation :

Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is celebrated as Sadbhawana Diwas on 20th August.

Question 3 :

When is the World Population Day observed?

A). May 31
B). October 4
C). December 10
D). July 11
Answer : Option D

Question 4 :

January 15 is celebrated as the

A). Republic Day
B). Ugadhi
C). Teachers' Day
D). Army Day
Answer : Option D

Question 5 :

The centenary of Mahatma Gandhi's arrival in South Africa was celebrated in

A). May 1993
B). August 1993
C). July 1993
D). September 1993
Answer : Option A