Exercise 2

Question 16 :

Who among the following is not a dramatist?

A). Girish R. Karnad
B). Badal Sircar
C). Jayanta Mahapatra
D). Vijay Tendulkar
Answer : Option C

Question 17 :

Who headed the committee on 'computerisation' in Indian Banks(1988)?

A). C. Rangarajan
B). R.N. Malhotra
C). S. Venkitramanan
D). M.Narasimhan
Answer : Option D

Question 18 :

Who is the famous Sarod player?

A). Hari Prasad
B). Zakir Hussain
C). Ram Narain
D). Amjad Ali Khan
Answer : Option D

Question 19 :

Sanjay Dutt, a noted film actor was held under

B). Narcotics Act
C). Act 302
D). Anti - Defection Act
Answer : Option A

Question 20 :

Shovna Narayan is a reputed personality in which of the following fields?

A). Classical dance
B). Literature
C). Journalism
D). Classical music
Answer : Option A