Exercise 3

Question 6 :

Naina Devi, was associated with field of?

A). Social Service
B). Stage acting
C). Classical dance
D). Vocal music
Answer : Option D

Question 7 :

Who is known as 'Trimurthy of Carnatic Music'?

A). Muthuswami Dikshitar
B). Purandardasa
C). Swami Thirunal
D). None of these
Answer : Option A

Explanation :

Three great saint composers - Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Sastri are known as the 'Trimurti' of Carnatic music. They were not only contemporaries during the later half of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, but were also, incredibly, born in the same town of Thiruvarur in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.

Question 8 :

Gangubai hangal is the name associated with

A). Literature
B). Music
C). Journalism
D). Environment
Answer : Option B

Question 9 :

Who is known as the 'Lady with the Lamp'?

A). Florence Nightingale
B). Sarojini Naidu
C). Indira Gandhi
D). Joan of Arc
Answer : Option A

Question 10 :

Girilal Jain was a noted figure in which of the following fields?

A). Social Service
B). Journalism
C). Literature
D). Politics
Answer : Option B